Google Basecamp 2010

I was invited during them summer to travel to Google labs in Boulder, Colorado to participate in the 3D basecamp event.  I learnt a lot from the event made some excellent contacts and got to know and talk about my work with a lot of industry professionals. Here is a photograph of me with the Thea Render bunch! I dont actually have any Thea renders on my blog yet but I have been using it a lot ill be posting some work asap.

Here a few shots from the Google offices themselves, I know I would never get any work done if I worked for in this building it more like a playground for adults! The lobby consisted of a two story climbing wall, lazy boy massage chairs, pool tables, foozball and much more not to mention the awesome sun terrace on the roof!


2 thoughts on “Google Basecamp 2010

  1. Hey Liam, this is Jimi James from Sci-Fi Meshes. It’s cool to see all your work all in one place, particularly the Halo and Avatar stuff.

    I was wondering if you could offer a bit of insight on how you go about getting invited to participate in an event like that at Google. And I agree, it would be difficult to get any work done there. It looks awesome though.

  2. Yeah no worries if you find me on skype, Liam Keating or Liamkk I think I can tell you all about it and how I got around getting invited. Keep up with your work I do follow all the sketchup threads on scifi meshes even if I do not post much.

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