Avatar Helicopter Models

Almost finished work on the models save the minor details (not including the interiors) cant believe its taken 13 months but they are looking nice at last!
Here are the two most refined versions. The Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson on the left from the movie Avatar and on the right my own SA-H2 COmbat Search and Rescue variant designed by myself. Both made in sketchup with many many many revisions over the last year.

The combat search and rescue model differs in that it only has one mounted door gun, a winch, fuel tanks instead of pylon mounted ordnance such as quad missile launchers seen on the SA-2 two sets of of opening rear cargo doors, no wire cutters on the rotor hubs and a in flight refueling boom.

Pretty happy with how they have turned out and much better than I would ever have expected when I started over a year ago, amazing the tips and tricks you can pick up in such a time span.

However next comes the hardest part, the dreaded paneling :? fingers crossed on that sketchup doesn’t like tiny geometry I have already scaled up the aircraft to something like 40 feet high so I can work on it!





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