Project – Aircraft Cross Section

This project is more of a technical exercise to see how far I can push sketchup by creating a model with an insane amount of detail. When I was younger I was a big fan of the Dorling Kindersley Incredible Cross Sections series of books. I decided to create an aircraft based on Concorde but set 10-15 years in the future just so I could make it larger as Concorde was very small.

Im trying to be as technically accurate as possible as far as technology and physics go and have been getting a lot of help in this area from forums populated with a few aerospace engineers. Of course when I say technically accurate it would never be able to take off but everything is where it should be and the materials and technology are up to scratch.

Anyway here is the build so far expect updates frequently with this project I want it finished by the end of August/September for my portfolio.


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