Project – Avatar Helicopter Build (December 09 – Current)

After watching the movie Avatar and being thoroughly impressed with the special effects I went out and bought the ‘Art Of Avatar’ in the Christmas sales. I managed to pick up the art of Star Trek also and got them both for £50 ill be making something from that some time soon no doubt!. After skimming through the book I decided to make my own version of the helicopter used in the movie.

Nearly 4 years later the model is still not done as its been on and off but its getting into shape now!

Here are some images of the build starting from the very start up to its present state now, enjoy……..


Well for the hanger scene ‘Stonecold’ from has kindly given me one of his aircraft to use as a background prop in the render! Here is his great model so far also made in Google Sketchup.


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12 thoughts on “Project – Avatar Helicopter Build (December 09 – Current)

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  4. Erm am i going mad here but isnt this Avatar Concept Art and if so

    why is Weyland Yutani logo used so much thats the company from the Alien Films

    is there some weird connection?

    be amazing if the new ridley scott film had Avatar special effects but with aliens everywhere

    never the less i wont get my hopes up

  5. The very top image is from the Art of Avatar book but the rest is my own 3D and artwork.
    This whole project is just for fun and the Weyland Logo is in for fun, it would be cool to have the aliens and avatar universe in one so I decided to do just that.

    “be amazing if the new ridley scott film had Avatar special effects but with aliens everywhere”

    I hope not! Alien is one of my favorite films although I rate Aliens more the last thing it needs is a CGI overhaul. Movies like that don’t need epic CGI effects. The whole atmosphere and building tension is what made it so great! You hardly see the Alien at all and thats the whole point. Scott is a master filmmaker he will not disappoint if he makes a new one.

  6. Hi Liam, I am very impressed with the modeling.

    I also intend to model up a re-imagined Samson helicopter, I was wondering if you help me out.

    With the cad blueprints, or direct me to any links, basically where did you get hold of the blueprints.


    Did you make this on a program that would be able to produce drawings with messures on it. Reason i whant to build this in real life 1:1 and if i can finance it make it fly in real life. Just to see if it can really fly. But first i would build it in a smaller scale, and drawings in a autocad/inventor program would be helpfull if i need to size it up or down.

  8. merhaba liam modelleme süper mekan güzel eline saglık bende avatar helicopter modelliyorum + animasyonu yapmayı düşünüyorum sen hani programı kullanıyon çizimlerinde ben 3ds max i kullanıyorum çizimlerimde.

  9. sir,
    this is Deepak student of mechanical engieering. i want’s to know about this project, i want to build this type of helicopter will u help me.

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