Project – Halo Animation Project (2007-Current)

As part of my University Degree in Graphic Design, one of the modules was animation. With my hobby in 3D becoming more advanced I thought it would be a good opportunity to create a 3D/2D hybrid animation. However once the module had finished and I had submitted my work (I ended up doing another animation instead) I decided to keep going with the models and animation and see just how far I could push it.

I started two threads at showcasing my work and works in progress together they have attracted more than 58,000 views, and I have got a very posotive reaction from the Halo fan community.

As time has progressed and my skills have developed in all areas of 3D the models have constantly been revised, every time I finish one I then start it again to make it better using something new I have learnt.

To date I have created 118 different models for the animation and I will show most of them here. Bear with this post until I figure out how to create an animated slideshow it will be pretty image heavy and very hotch potch with some images half done and some completed, here goes…

Here is a scale sheet showing some of the more finished models from the project (CLICK ON IMAGE TO ZOOM IN)

I usually draw out quick sketches of all my models before I start to model them. Here is my redesigned Frigate from Hal0 2.

Once the sketches have been finished I then start the modeling process. Here is a quick step by step of the frigate.

Here is one of the first models I completed, the ‘Pelican Dropship’

And here a a few profile sheets I created on request of some Halo Fans

Now to show some of the models in a little more detail. Out of the 118 models started less than half are completed enough to show at the moment and half again of that are close too completion.

Here are the first 36 models that are closest to being finished any time soon.


Here are some shots of the ODST drop pods used in the animation
Here is some work on the armor suit also used in the animation.


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