Project – S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier (2010-Current)

With the Christmas break here and all my university work for the moment under control I thought I would have a go at modeling something big.

i have chosen the shield helicarrier from the marvel universe as it is going to be featured it two upcoming movies, iron man 3 and the avengers. Nothing has been released yet so this is my own take on the idea but the general characteristics and function remain the same.

Im just making it up as I go along taking styling tips form modern navel vessels.


11 thoughts on “Project – S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier (2010-Current)

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  2. Loving the look of this, the Heli-carrier is one of the main things i’m looking forward to in Avengers (And Colbie Smuthers in the SHIELD catsuit LOL )

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  4. my only beef with it is the runway, or lackthereof, are pilots supposed to “thread the needle” into the hangar bay directly? that’s a recipe for disaster If I ever saw one. It looks more like an Osprey and a Hangar than an Aircraft carrier, I’d suggest opening up the deck/not making it curved. Give the pilots a chance to survive a landing, unless you want this thing to exclusively use F-35 VTOL variants and Helicopters. (A-10s would be nice to have on it at least)

    Other than that I’d say it looks better than the supposedly leaked concept art for it.

    • Basically the two front runways are for catapult launches of the fixed wing aircraft only. The larger rear runway is for landings of both fixed wing and helicopters. In an emergency its possible for helicopters to land on the elevator between the two forward runways.

      I havent posted any views of the rear but you can see two Blackhawks landing on the newest updates.

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