If you need to contact me the best way is either by email or skype.

My email is

And my Skype name is ‘Liam Keating or Liamkk’

I look forward to hearing from you


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi,

    I’ve been enjoying seeing your spaceship models on SUcation.

    Do you have some favorite Spacer novels? I’ve been looking for some, more recent but of the classic style. There’s many I’ve missed -even some older ones. but want to take a look at more Sci-fi. Your models are inspiring, and I like the recent tutorial too.


  2. Hi Liam, excuse m’y poor english, I am french and fan sketchup and of your work too. Do you have a tuto of your workflow to model in SU ? I am ver y impressed by your methode and if possible want to know more. Continue to inspire me. By

    • Hi Emmanuel,
      as of yet I dont have any tutorials on my workflow although I do have one on my illustrative technique here: TUTORIAL
      I do plan on making some more tutorials especially on model making but recently I have had no free time between University and work although I plan on making some in the next month or so!

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